Sarah is passionate about providing support to anyone wanting to succeed, including leaders and change makers who are ready to grow in a sustainable and productive way.


She recognises the need for a flexible approach to coaching and provides a supportive and motivating atmosphere. 

While working as a manager in local government and a small business, Sarah became aware of the power of external facilitation and coaching as a way to extend a business’s ability to encourage professional and personal development. This led to her on her own journey for further professional development by completing a Diploma in Professional Coaching. Sarah’s ability to empathise and quickly understand a person’s point of view means that she is excellent at effectively coaching individuals, teams and groups to help them create goals with clear, achievable action plans. 

In her quest to share the tools to be able to respond rather than react and make decisions with compassion and clarity, Sarah has become an Accredited Mindfulness Facilitator and delivers Ovio courses for Beginners Mindfulness. Check out her half day retreat in the Events tab to see what she is up to in this space.

Coaching conversations can happen over the phone, in person or by video chat. Sarah’s coaching sessions will provide you with the confidence and focus to achieve your goals. Whether you are looking for someone to bounce ideas off, an accountability partner or just someone who will help you get out of your own head and into action. 

Now let’s create a coaching programme that works for you!



I offer standalone coaching sessions (Power Sessions) as well as ongoing sessions for teams, groups and individuals.


As an external coach I offer a fresh perspective as well as a contagious enthusiasm that can sometimes only be offered by someone new coming into your workspace.

Team Coaching

Programmes designed to help your team to achieve.

Group Coaching

Get together and achieve your goals.

Power Session

One off sessions to give you the boost that you need.

One:One Coaching

Programme yourself for success.

"Fear isn't the enemy, waiting to stop being afraid is."

Marie Forleo

Contact Me

If you like the sound of the services listed, or would like to chat about an idea you have, it would be great to hear from you.

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