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Group Coaching

The magic of group coaching is that it connects you with like minded people who may be facing a common challenge, opportunity or task, creating an instant support network that often continues long after the coaching sessions have finished. Group coaching can be undertaken with a pre-existing social group such as a friendship group, parents group, a coffee group etc. 


We can talk about how I can help you and your group to succeed and achieve your goals. Some good topics for group coaching might be:


Mindfulness - Learn to shut off auto-pilot and be more present and focussed while learning to respond better to stress.


Goal Setting - Create goals that will get you the life that you want and most importantly, create an action plan to help you get there.


Finding a better work/life balance - Maybe you have jut started a family or are feeling overwhelmed and need to reprioritise the things that are important to you, let me help you to feel more in control and productive.


Finding your first job - Do you have a burning passion you want to turn into a career? Or have no idea what you want to do? Let me help you identify where you want to go based on your values and skills.

Get in touch and we can develop a workshop that works best for your group.

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