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Mindfulness Coaching

Ovio Mindfulness One Beginners Course is available for your workplace. It is an amazing opportunity to relax, revitalise and connect with others whilst learning this powerful new life skill. The course can be delivered as a 2.5 hour workshop, 3 week course or lunchtime taster.


Evidence shows Mindfulness enhance relationships, performance and wellbeing. You will learn how to use powerful mindfulness exercises to manage stress and emotional reactivity, connect skilfully with yourself others and tap into your creativity.


Mindfulness has also been shown to help with a number of health concerns, to repair sleep, increase resilience and enhance energy levels.


What is unique about this course:

  • Grounded everyday life examples used. 

  • Evidence-based and practical. 

  • Secular. 

  • Ongoing support available. 

  • Fun and relaxed.

I also offer one:one coaching on how to incorporate mindfulness into your life. Check out the prices here for a Power Session on Mindfulness or to organise Mindfulness Coaching for your group.

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